PhD student, Geoff Burns, wins 2017 Chicago Lakefront 50.50 Ultra Marathon

After a series of injuries over the past 11 months, Geoff Burns is back racing! In June, Burns had to withdraw from his dream race, the Comrades ultramarathon, in South Africa due to his injuries. Burns had to cancel his dream trip to South Africa in Summer of 2017 due to his injuries. That decision spurred him on to rethink his training and rehabilitation strategies. The outcome of those changes was winning the 2017 Chicago Lakefront 50.50 Ultra Marathon, with a time of 5 hours and 14 minutes for the 50 mile race, just 2 minutes off the course record and the fastest US 50 mile performance in 4 years! See the link here, to read more about Burns' achievement. Well done, Geoff!

MiPR awarded ESSI funding

MiPR was awarded funding from the Exercise and Sport Science Initiative at the University of Michigan. The project is a collaboration with the School of Kinesiology, the Biosocial Methods Collaborative, Michigan Medicine, and Michigan Athletics. The proposed project aims to look at injury resiliency in college athletes. 

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Development of a multi-level, systems-based model for injury resiliency at the individual and team level in collegiate running sports

Team: Richard Gonzalez (LSA, Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Institute for Social Research and CoE), Cristine Agresta and Jessica Deneweth Zendler (School of Kinesiology), Vineet Raichur (ISR), Jeffrey Housner (Medical School), and Bo Sandoval and Christina Fanning (Athletics)

Goal: Researchers aim to develop a multi-level, systems-based model for studying running-related injury predictions in collegiate runners. The proposed framework will facilitate the development of analytical models that can predict individual risk, as well as identify unique determinants that can and should be corrected to promote resilience.

Cristine Agresta featured in Sports Biomechanics Journal


Postdoctoral Researcher, Cristine Agresta, is featured in Sports Biomechanics Journal


The effect of unilateral arm swing motion on lower extremity running mechanics associated with injury risk

Many field sports involve equipment that restricts one or both arms from moving while running. Arm swing during running has been examined from a biomechanical and physiologic perspective but not from an injury perspective. Moreover, only bilateral arm swing suppression has been studied with respect to running. The purpose of this study was to determine the influence of running with one arm restrained on lower extremity mechanics associated with running or sport-related injury. Fifteen healthy participants ran at a self-selected speed with typical arm swing, with one arm restrained and with both arms restrained. Lower extremity kinematics and spatiotemporal measures were analysed for all arm swing conditions. Running with one arm restrained resulted in increased frontal plane knee and hip angles, decreased foot strike angle, and decreased centre of mass vertical displacement compared to typical arm swing or bilateral arm swing restriction. Stride length was decreased and step frequency increased when running with one or both arms restrained. Unilateral arm swing restriction induces changes in lower extremity kinematics that are not similar to running with bilateral arm swing restriction or typical arm swing motion. Running with one arm restrained increases frontal plane mechanics associated with risk of knee injury.


Impellia partners with MiPR and U-M Athletics

Sports technology company Impellia and U-M Athletics announce partnership "to optimize athletic performance and enhance sports-related injury prevention and recovery" for U-M athletes. As part of the partnership, Michigan Performance Research Lab is conducting sponsored research with Impellia to assess their new gait assessment product, Strikefoot.

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More information about Impellia can be found here.

PhD student competes at 100 Km World Championship

First-year Kinesiology doctoral student Geoff Burns will compete on Sunday, November 27 in the 100 Km World Championship Road Race in Los Alcazares, Spain. Geoff won the US 100K Road Championship in April with a course record 6:30:37. He seeks to extend his success this weekend against many of the best ultramarathoners in the world. Good luck, Geoff!

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 Geoff Burns winning US 100K Championship

Geoff Burns winning US 100K Championship